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Although Dance Classes may have a different meaning for individual students, the policy of the Academy is to prepare every student for I.S.T.D. examinations in Ballet, Tap, Modern and National forms of dance, and to enter pupils for those examinations, as and when, the teacher deems them ready. A minimum age of three years old is required, and all grades and beginners are welcome. Students who are dancing for pleasure will not be put under any pressure to take exams, and every encouragement and support will be given to those students who wish to follow a professional career in the entertainment world. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to enter the British Arts annual awards competition, either in groups sections, or as soloists, this gives the students the added experience of meeting with and seeing how other Dance and Stage Schools are performing. Singing and Drama students work to performance standards and can also enter the British Arts awards competition in the varied sections, and are responsible for the scripted story line of the presentation annual show that is produced so that family, friends and the general public can see their progress. Trophy's and Medals for the years work will be awarded at this time.

Fees are paid by term and although may sometimes vary, are usually a ten week period, and, where possible, coincide with general school dates, term fees are calculated by the number of weeks in that term. Current fees can be found on the timetable page. New Students will be allowed a two week settling in period, before the full terms fee will be required.
Dance Students must wear the correct Academy uniform in class at all times. ROYAL or NAVY BLUE LEOTARD, PINK BALLET TIGHTS or correct WHITE BALLET SOCKS for Ballet. Long hair must be in a bun, or short hair, in a uniform colour ALICE BAND for all classes. (uniform is available from the Academy). All students must wear the correct shoes for the appropriate class. Singing and Drama students wear Academy tee shirts.


Timetables will be arranged to meet the needs and requirements of the Students, and classes may be split if the teacher feels that the size inhibits the students progress. Classes will run concurrently to maximise usage of the available Hall space.

Every Student will be expected to attend all rehearsals necessary for any show productions, and dates will be supplied in good time for your diaries. Costumes for shows and British Arts entries have to be paid for by parents and will remain the property of the student. In the case of group dances, the Academy may decide to buy the costumes back back to be placed in wardrobe for future use. You will be notified of important dates, (shows, exams, British Arts etc) by way of the notice boards, newsletters and the website. If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us by telephone or e-mail, where we will be happy to help.

Miss Sarah looks forward to introducing you to the world of Dance.